Sustainable Education

Education is a basic fundamental human right. We encourage girls in this network to stay in school. We believe if girls have an education at an early age, chances are, they will not fall a victim of child marriage, or harmful traditional practices.

Girls in tech

 In addition to Sustainable education we teach girls to learn the STEM program. Here they are able to code, animate feature that talks about issues of Female Genital cutting, forced marriages, teenage pregnancy to create awareness in their communities. With the internet the girls are able to talk to mentors all over the world.


We provide underprivileged, and vulnerable girls in the network – scholarship to pay for Tuition fees, Uniforms, Textbooks as well as organise workshops. We engaged them to take part in weekly community services to build their self confidence, and boost their leadership skills.

Building Careers​

After high school, we help the girls to continue their education through guiding them in writing their motivation letters, finding internship opportunities, and helping them to enter into world class universities.

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